Somethin' About Lulu
Somethin' About Lulu is three women of "a certain age", who still rock like 30 somethings... Bylo Farmer from the Midwest, Patty Jackson from the Northeast, and Angie Holley from the South converged on Colorado and met in Resonance, Women's Chorus of Boulder. The three realized that their varied musical styles and sense of humor made for a surprising and magical blend. Harmony and hilarity is their motto and boy do they deliver! Somethin' About Lulu plays to robust and ribald fans across the Colorado Front Range. The Lulus
Instruments With their stunning guitar work, Patty and Bylo are clearly musical twins separated at birth, while Angie's smokey alto brings blues and jazz into the mix. Whether singing tender ballads, bawdy blues or telling stories about cowgirls on the trail, Somethin' About Lulu says it best with mellifluous three-part harmony and delicious guitar licks.
Their audiences are moved to laughter or tears as "the Lulu's" provide a full entertainment experience.

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